Monday, October 11, 2010


playin' with PS colors. I did a different version where the jelly tendrils 'glow' more


  1. if this is in any way related to what i think it is i am going to get like five copies due to yacking from excitement

  2. hi, first time drop by here..
    ur artwork pretty..
    where can i get ur comic?
    i'm fr malaysia..

  3. Ike- This was just for fun, not the project you're thinking of. I still haven't put pencil to paper for that one but I'll keep you posted on that.
    Sam- damn, thanks.
    Chris- thanks, brother
    Dreamartz Studios- Hello in Malaysia! I've got a few comics out through Marvel but it's early work and I'm not too proud of it. I'm doing a comic right now called Santa Vs. Martians that will be published by Image Comics this Dec. so check that out if you can! If you don't get Image books in your part of the world, send me your address and I'll ship it to you when it comes out.

  4. rainbow popsicles!!! that is the coolest!!!