Sunday, May 15, 2011

a new challenge

I've decided recently to undertake a new challenge; I suspect my comfort with the ballpoint pen may be stunting (comfort is for old ladies!) SO in my daily field drawing and doodling I'm only going to use those tools that I use for my comic work. I'm trying to close the disparity between my comic pages and my sketchbook and I think this is worth the ol' college try. So it's microns, japanese pens, brush, brush pens, etc for drawing and the ballpoint is going to stay on the sidelines for awhile. So you folks can see my updates and let me know if my progress is pathetic or not.


*grey tones were added later in photoshop to help organize this mess.


  1. New to your work! Incredible stuff sir!

  2. it's definitely got a different feel to it

  3. John Paul Leon takes this approach sometimes with his sketches. I must say, it's pretty damn macho to draw this way. I've been trying it as of late, and it does something very strange to my brain. The only thing I can compare it to is playing live music: you only get one shot. What a great feeling.

  4. id say you have closed the gap and some more :) its a different line depth, and your backgrounds look more pro in your sketchbook, and thats an awesome thing "D