Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A couple days in the sketchbook.

Goin' through a were-dog phase....


  1. Dude I love these! Keep the sketchbook stuff coming, be generous with the posting.
    Also, you're going through a were-dog phase because you need to get a dog. It's adopt-a-shelter-dog month. Seriously.

  2. BRILLIANT!this is sooo great!:'D awesome,most awesome work!n again.would i ever find your lost sketchbook on a park bench, never ever in a million years think you would get it back. this is like, gahwd-candy for the eyes.(*//*)

    n ah,seriosly.i feel like i'm spamming all of your amazing posts,so this one will probably be the last for now-just know i'm screaming in admiration while scrollin' down.